Toddler thumb sucking

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Toddler thumb sucking

Is it fine for older babies and toddlers to still suck their thumbs?

By the editorial staff

Toddler thumb sucking

Is it normal if your one-year-old is still sucking his or her thumb? What if your child is older than that?

Relax. It's very normal for older babies to suck their thumbs. In fact, this practice is considered normal until children reach 2 1/2 years.

Children suck their thumbs because it's calming and relieves stress. Children tend to let go of this habit on their own, so it's best to let the process pass with time.

Despite popular belief, young children who obsessively suck their thumbs will generally not develop dental problems due to the thumb sucking. However, if they continue to suck their thumbs when their second teeth start growing in, there's a risk for developing dental abnormalities.

Unless your child is sucking his or her thumb excessively, there's no real urgency to intervene. If you're still worried, talk to your dentist or your doctor.

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