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Water table activities for toddlers

toddler activities

Water table activities for toddlers

This is one of our most favorite water table activities for toddlers. See the amazement in your toddler's eyes when water changes colors before their eyes!

By the editorial staff

Water table activities for toddlers

The toddler activity:
Have you ever noticed how kids of all ages love magic? At young ages, kids are fascinated by the seemingly "impossible" acts done by magicians. Now, you too can make magic for your toddler! Well, at least in their eyes.

This simple activity requires water, clear plastic bottles and food coloring. Simply fill 2 or more empty bottles about 1/3 full. Have several empty, clear glasses available.

Start by putting a few drops of food coloring into the bottles. Start with red, yellow and blue. Then, pour a little of the red water into an empty glass, followed by an even amount of yellow water. Then, voila! Magic - the water is orange. And repeat for your other color combinations.

Adding soap (to make bubbles) or a few drops of baby oil to the water will add different effects to your magic show. If outside, the toddler can be left to play with the water and plastic bottles. We suggest not letting them play with food coloring, unless you want your toddler to a green or orange little monster!

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